Michael Johansson
The artistic research of Michael Johansson revolves around an almost obsessive collection and measuring of objects. This process leads the artist to his creations of heterogenous conglomerates whose multivalent significance is meticulously calibrated and always differs. Forms and colors seem to be inextricably entwined, welded together by some disconcerting magnetism. For Johansson, an everyday object like a chair seat represents a metaphor for a familiar space that must be organised and filled at very junction, interpreting the intrinsic nature of every juxtaposition.

Solo shows

2018 Alternative Readings View of the show
2015 Crossroads View of the show
2013 Still Lifes    View of the show
2011 Familiar Abstractions   View of the show

Group shows

2020 …and thence we came forth to see again the stars View of the show
2017 SUMMER show View of the show
2014 Urban Agriculture Survival Kit - special event during Salone del Mobile
2013 Group show View of the show
2012 Group show View of the show
2012 Perfectible Geometries View of the show
2011 Group show View of the show
2011 More News From Nowhere
2010 The Inner Space

2009 Group show View of the show