Guido Bagini
Technogreen #005, 2014, acrylic and enamel on cardboard, zinc polished, dibond board, 55x86 cm / 21¾x34 in
With its fantasy spaces that tell of architecture,design, and cultural landscapes, Bagini's work plays with the powers of collective imagination. His images evade the rules of orthogonal perspective and of gravity, as well.The objects.most of them fragments of modernist furniture and architecture seem to float freely in abstract compositions, creating an unusual sense of depth. This is underscored by the artist's ample use of glossy enamel paint on matte, cardboard-colored backgrounds. Bagini's multi-colored sculptures made of Corian (a solid surfacing material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate) vary the forms of the elements that are already highly characteristic of Bagini's images. The sculptures are not meant to be hands-off; rather, they are supposed to be experienced through touch. Whether paintings or sculptures, the objects together form a mysterious entity, full of futuristic worlds. Defying any sort of chronological classification, they may even be references to a lost or future civilization.

Solo shows

2014 Vita segreta della piante View of the show
2008 Astral Signs View of the show
2006 Orizzonte Liquido

Group shows

2014 Urban Agriculture Survival Kit - special event during Salone del Mobile
2013 Group show   View of the show
2012 Group show View of the show
2012 Perfectible Geometries View of the show
2011 Group Show View of the show
2010 The Limbo Collection
2009 The Speakeasy Show
2009 Group shows
View of the show
2006 Comes a Time